Mindfulness Training


Cearcall offers  a range of positively evaluated mindfulness courses that cater for children & young people.  Also adults who are in the workplace or who simply want a fun, engaging introduction to mindfulness.  Each course is evaluated and certificated. 

Wellbeing & Health


Delivering & developing wellbeing courses, workshops & sessions for the public, teacher/lecturers, learners & organisations has long been a central focus in my career. Unless we care for our whole being we cannot rise to our full potential in whatever we undertake in life.  

World Cafe & Art of Hosting


All organisations today are being challenged by rapid change in an increasingly complex world. World Cafe and Art of Hosting methods create the space & opportunity for powerful, authentic collaboration & creative solutions. 

About Cearcall



Cearcall - phonetic pronunciation of Cearcall is kyark-ull. 

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Upcoming Training & Events


Holy Fire Reiki I Course 

Dundee 20th & 27th October 2019

Dundee Art Society Gallery Space

16 Roseangle DD1 4LP

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