What & Who is Cearcall?

Cearcall: Mindfulness. Wellbeing. Art of Hosting. Training & Events.


Cearcall is a Scottish company based in Newport-on Tay in Fife, close to Dundee.  Cearcall is the Scottish Gaelic word for 'circle or group of persons' and is represented here by the simplest Celtic knot of three circles symbolising mind, body and spirit.  The phonetic pronunciation of Cearcall is kyark-ull.

This symbology reflects the holistic values of Cearcall believing that true wellbeing comes from a balance of mind, body & spirit within the individual while also acknowledging the importance of our relationships & creative power of the group.

Cearcall offers mindfulness courses designed for children & young people aged between 7 - 18.  The Workplace Mindfulness Training course offers busy schools, colleges, universities & companies a specially designed, evidence based programme and bespoke training sessions for both learners and staff in education.  

World Cafe and participatory approaches offer powerful organisational collaboration to creatively imagine your future.  Our most recent World Cafe event asked the question 'In what ways could mindfulness help create equity in education?'  This event was vibrant, fruitful and extremely successful.  

Susan puts her philosophy into practice and collaborates with other like minded trainers, teachers and practitioners.  We all have one thing in common...

We want to offer our experience and knowledge to help others to enhance their wellbeing and reach their full potential.

Susan Elizabeth McAvoy: Teacher, Trainer & Founder


Over my diverse career as a professional portrait artist, complementary therapist and teacher, as a behavioural scientist, lecturer, staff development & organisational development senior lecturer and now as a business owner, I have been guided by one central theme: people.        

I am very much a 'people person'.

I have been teaching psychology and sociology in universities & colleges for 22 years as well as 17 years of experience within complementary therapies. My study of transpersonal and Buddhist psychology dates back to my thesis linking psychology, consciousness and quantum physics in 1997 helping me gain a First Class BSc. Degree in Behavioural Sciences.  Since then I have gained a Masters Level Teaching Qualification and a Postgraduate Diploma which focused on the social and emotional skills of college lecturers.  I am also a member of the General Teaching Council of Scotland (GTCS) and the Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS).   

I am an independent mindfulness teacher as well as retaining a role in one of Scotland's largest colleges, where I enjoy a role in developing the social and emotional skills of teaching staff as the EIS Learning Rep and Equalities Rep.  I have been lucky enough to train in Art of Hosting and Groundwork Training with Toke Moeller where Systems Theory is put into practice using methods such as World Café, Appreciative Inquiry and Open Space Technology.  Hosting groups of people to harness the collective intelligence through conversations that matter.

I am also trained to teach the Paws b Mindfulness course to children aged 7 - 11, the .b Mindfulness course to young people aged 11 - 18 and trained to teach the Workplace Mindfulness Training course to anyone who is in a workplace environment.   I am a member of the Mindfulness Association and am currently training with the Association to  teach their 8 week MBLC (Mindfulness Based Living Course).

Cearcall Collaborations


Connecting Scotland


Billy McGoldrick

Billy is an ex international swimmer who now teaches MBSR & .b.  We teach together in local schools.


Billy is an ex- international swimmer who medalled at major games and remains interested in developing himself and others through understanding and practicing methods which affect the mind and body positively while improving overall fitness and wellbeing. Billy teaches PE in an Arbroath secondary school.

He is a certified leader in 'Assertive Discipline' and has extensive experience in practice and delivery of this method of managing classroom behaviour with children and staff in primary and secondary schools. 

He has been practicing mindfulness meditation for many years and is trained to teach courses to children and adults including Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and .b curriculums. 

Billy and I teach mindfulness to children in local schools and are currently developing a ‘how to bring mindfulness in to the classroom’ training course for teachers. Billy has a wealth of experience in education and is a passionate and knowledgeable mindfulness teacher.