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Paws b Mindfulness Practices

 Here you will find all the meditation practices to accompany the Paws b. course to use with your class or for parents & carers at home with your child.  

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Chest and Tummy Breathing

Chest and tummy breathing

This is our very first practice. Noticing and counting how many breaths in and then noticing both the in breath and the out breath. Here we are just beginning to pay attention to the breath and noticing when the mind wanders away, over and over again. 

Paws b Practice

Paws b (or pause and be)

The Paws b practice is one we will return to over and over again throughout the course. Here we invite the children to begin a habit of stopping and noticing the breath and what is happening right now… 

Finger breathing practice

Finger breathing


Finger breathing is consistently one of the children's favourite practices from the course. A comforting, body based practice that encourages children to notice the flow and rhythm of their breath.

FOFBOC practice



Feet on floor, bottom on chair :)  This grounding practice is ideal to steady children when they are feeling a bit wobbly. Noticing the bottom half of the body and then breathing into the tummy allows settling and steadying.

petal practice

Petal Practice

Another lovely practice to connect children with the rhythm of their breath. Our hands and fingers become the petals of a flower, and we open and close and stretch and touch along with the flow of our breath.  

Beautiful Flowers opening & stretching

Here you can see some beautiful film showing flowers opening and stretching their petals just like we do in our petal practice.

Mindfulness in Schools: Mindfulness & the Brain for Children

 In this video, Dr. Diane Gehart and David Siegel introduce elementary students to mindfulness and describe in child-friendly language how it helps the brain. Students learn about their stress response or "lizard brain" (limbic) and their "smart parts" (prefrontal cortex). Understanding the neurobiology helps motivate children and adults to practice mindfulness regularly.  

Amy Footman on BBC Breakfast on Paws b

 Amy Footman, Head of School, Stanley Grove Primary Academy, and Paws b teacher trainer on BBC Breakfast.  Amy explains how & why mindfulness training impacts on wellbeing, attention and behaviours in school.


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