What is Usui holy fire reiki?

Usui Holy Fire: A new development in Reiki

In May 2019 Susan travelled to Jerusalem to train as a Holy Fire Holy Reiki Master with William Lee Rand.  Alongside Reiki  Masters from Alaska, Texas, the Philippines, Serbia, Holland and England, we were immersed in Holy Fire energy in the city where the Holy Fire phenomenon or miracle has taken place since the 4th Century. 

Holy Fire Reiki is a type of Reiki energy & a system of Reiki healing based on Holy Fire energy. Mentioned in the Bible, Holy Fire energy has been active in the world since ancient times.

Rand worked with Janice Jones (2014/15), a spiritual adviser & their understanding is that God, working through the Holy Spirit created Holy Fire energy and Jesus is the one who first brought this healing energy to the Earth.

One of the main differences between Usui Shiki Ryoho & Usui Holy Fire systems is the change from initiations to ignitions. Rather then being attuned to Reiki frequency via a Master initiation process, each Reiki student interacts directly with the Holy Fire Reiki energy.  This results in deep, personalised and unique experiences as your energetic system is 'ignited' and attuned to the Holy Fire energy.  However, the Usui symbols are still used at Levels II & III with an added symbol for Holy Fire. 

As a Reiki healing system it moves Holy Fire energy from being an experience that happened occasionally in the past (to those fortunate enough to experience it) to being an energy that can be used on a regular basis by anyone initiated by a Holy Fire Reiki Master. 

Holy Fire offers clarity & healing around:

Our Authentic Self

Our Culturally created self 

Dormant Unhealed Energy

Holy Fire is an Ancient energy: Holy Fire originates in differing levels of consciousness described as ‘heavens’. From the First Heaven or material & egoistic world to the Seventh Heaven where the ego is healed:

the guidance we have been given through Holy Fire III is that while the unhealed ego can be an impediment to one’s spiritual development, the unhealed ego can be healed! And once healed, it is no longer an impediment, but is able to fulfilla very important purpose. The healed ego is a vehicle for the expression of higher consciousness in the material world!

Rand W. (2018)  Introduction to Holy Fire® III Reiki  

Usui Holy Fire Reiki Classes

I now teach mainly Usui Holy Fire Reiki courses at Levels I,II and III. The Holy Fire energy is powerful yet nurturing and is heals at a faster and deeper level.  From my experiences in and since Jerusalem with Holy Fire, I believe this is the healing energy needed in these challenging times

William Lee Rand & Reiki Masters on Holy Fire III Reiki

W. Rand: Intro to holy fire

W. Rand: Clarity About Holy Fire Reiki

The Holy Fire in Scripture, History, and Science

Absolutely fascinating lecture about the phenomenon  Holy Fire. Each year at Pascha (Easter), "Holy Fire" (Greek:  "Holy Light"), appears near the tomb of Jesus in the church of the Holy Sepulcher (Jerusalem).  Regarded by many as the world's oldest public miracle, it is also the subject of recent scientific investigations.