Stephen Porges: The Polyvagal Theory & The Vagal Nerve

Mentioned in Week 3 Dr Stephen Porges talks about the role of our autonomic nervous system and the vagal nerve.  He shares his pioneering research on the vagus nerve, how the cues it receives play a major role in stress, social behavior and the nervous system and some tips on how to improve its response.    

How to Heal the "Vagus Nerve" to Heal Your Mind & Body

More on the vagal nerve and tone explaining how this impacts on our physical and emotional health.  Good advice on how to increase our vagal nerve tone...

wheel of Awareness: dan siegal

The Wheel of Awareness is the basis for a reflective practice which helps us direct our attention and improve our ability to focus on the individual aspects of our internal and external worlds,  which are key components of a healthy mind.   This practice is specifically designed to integrate our brain, bodies and our external world.