It is many things...

It is energy (or vibration) - it is universal life force energy but concentrated or condensed. Reiki is a particularly high level, healing frequency of energy. 

According to many authors in the quantum theory field, the energetic system underpins our physical, mental and emotional health.  Dr Richard Gerber has researched this area for over thirty years says…

Our subtle-energy bodies play a major role in maintaining our health. Energy disturbances in the etheric body precede the manifestation of abnormal patterns of cellular organization and growth. (1988)

It is a system - Reiki emerged in Japan around the late 1800’s but, as a system of healing and passing on this healing system it pre-dates this time. There is a story of how Reiki was ‘re-discovered’ through the quest of one man: Mikao Usui. Since then it has formalised itself into a number of systems or lineages. I have studied within two systems: the Usui (as defined by Phyllis Furumoto) and the Tibetan Usui of William Rand. My teaching is a mindful mix of both, with some college lecturer thrown in.

It is a community - So Reiki has a special kind of energy vibrating at a specific frequency.  Quantum physics has shown that all matter is energy.  One way energy is differentiated, is via differences in frequency.  Reiki practitioners, masters and teaching masters all over the world are drawn to this high level, healing frequency and form a community. A community of like energy and of practice. There are differing system’s or lineages with this group, yet we all form a larger community.

It is global – Reiki is universal life force energy.  It connects globally. My Reiki Master, William Lee Rand is a strong advocate of Reiki practitioners connecting energetically to heal global traumas. William travelled to the North and South poles and more recently Jerusalem, to anchor World Peace Crystal Grids. These grids honour all world religions and beliefs systems. They are used to focus Reiki and healing energy in order to move us to global peace.


Susan's journey with reiki


I was always, as a child, drawn to the unseen aspects of our world. I could be, and was, described as fey. I studied fine art (DOJ 1979-83) then had almost ten years of having sons (3) while also studying reflexology and taking commissions for fine art watercolour pencil portraits. Returning to study (as a lone parent) I achieved a First Class Hons Degree in Behavioural Science (1997).  My Level I class was in 1996 then Level 2 in 1997 with Penelope Jewel (Phyllis Furumoto Usui Lineage). 

My Master Level initiation took place in 2003 with William Lee Rand (Multi-Lineages) in the circle at Stonehenge. The story of William and why he has multi-lineages is compelling and will be told in the Level I class. I also explain why I was drawn to train with William and step away from the ‘traditional’ Western Usui system.

I have now practiced Reiki for 23 years and taught classes as a Master for 16 years.  

My Reiki story continues as I begin teaching to the wider community again and prepare to travel to Jerusalem to undertake further training with William in Holy Fire Reiki in May 2019...

I am a Master Teacher Member of the UK Reiki Federation and am fully insured to both practice and teach Reiki.


Reiki Training Courses

Reiki Level I Training



When you attend a Reiki I course, you will hear the stories of Dr. Mikao Usui, Chujiro Hayashi and Hawayo Takata and how Reiki came to us the in the West.  This is a very important part of the teaching, conveying the Principles of Reiki.

You receive attunements allowing you to 'tune in' to the Reiki energetic frequency. You learn to give self treatments first, then others. Time is spent practicing giving and recieving Reiki treatments..

When you complete this certificated course you will have all that is required to practice as a  Reiki I Practitioner.

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Reiki Level II Training



Reiki Level II should be considered after some time to integrate the energetic shift involved in Reiki I. 

Level 2 gives you the technology required to transmit Reiki energy over time time and space.  

What this means is that we can now give distant treatments to others and send Reiki energy backwards and forwards in time. 

To understand this more we must turn to quantum theory, and this will be covered in your Reiki I manual.

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If you are considering Reiki Mastery (Level 3) please get in touch for a one to one conversation


I felt the training was wonderful and it all worked really well. Asking everyone to contribute to lunch was lovely as it meant we were all sharing something with the rest of the group, which seems very much in the Reiki spirit! The way the course was delivered was great, the pace was perfect, meaning we had time to absorb what we were learning. The environment was ideal with the addition of the throws and cushions, not to mention the lovely essential oils! 

You delivered the course in a way that just made it so enjoyable, you created a really positive environment, it felt very open and nurturing. It’s clear to see the benefits you gain from Reiki which can only encourage us to keep practicing :)!

 Lovely space for a beautiful, relaxing course.  Susan wonderfully explained the oral history of Reiki.  A great class if you want to extend your spiritual knowledge.


The training absolutely met and exceeded my expectations in terms of relaxation and learning something new. It was a fantastic experience and a really lovely supportive environment.

 I enjoyed the training sessions, finding out about the background Usui Reiki, the principles behind it, the giving and receiving of Reiki, and the potential for its application in my life. 

Well paced.  Transformational experience.   Susan is a very patient, kind, knowledgeable teacher who took us on a journey of discovery into Reiki.

 What an amazing experience it was, taking part in this Reiki course.  The ability heal myself and others is a gift gratefully received.  

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Scientific Explanations of Reiki

William rand setting up A reiki practice