Body & breath practice

Week 1: Chest & Tummy Breathing

Chest & Tummy Breathing

This is our very first practice. Noticing and counting how many breaths in and then noticing both the in breath and the out breath. Here we are just beginning to pay attention to the breath and noticing when the mind wanders away, over and over again. 

Week 2: bodyscan

Bodyscan Practice

Here is one of the most important practices - focusing on the sensations in our bodies, moving attention around the body.  Breathing with the body, Noticing when the mind wanders and waking up to where our mind and attention is and then directing the spotlight of attention back to the breath. 

week 2: Paws b

Paws b (or pause & be)

A Paws b is a great short practice kids can use to being awareness to the present and their bodies.  Here we invite the children to begin a habit of stopping and noticing the breath and what is happening right now… 

Week 3: 3 step breathing space

3 step breathing space

The three step breathing space is a mini meditation allowing us to integrate our mindfulness into everyday life. This practice is also a ‘breathing space’ when we are in a crisis situation.  

Week 3: fofboc

FOFBOC practice

 Feet on floor, bottom on chair :)  This grounding practice is ideal to steady children when they are feeling a bit wobbly. Noticing the bottom half of the body and then breathing into the tummy allows settling and steadying. 

week 3: (breath & Body) Sounds & thoughts

(breath & Body) Sounds & thoughts practice

In this practice we ground our attention in the breath & sensations in the body before widening out to notice sounds...coming and going along with our tendency to label sound.  Before shifting attention to our thoughts, noticing how they are like sound...coming & going forever changing. 

week 3: traffic of thoughts

traffic of thoughts practice

For upper years of Primary School - this practice invites us to pay attention to how sounds come and go, how we can open to just listening to sounds inside and outside the room and our bodies.  Then we shift to attention to thoughts...and see our thoughts like traffic and like sounds coming & going.

week 4: befriending practice

befriending practice

This is a beautiful and nourishing practice and many studies have shown that being compassionate to others brings many health benefits.  Enjoy... 

week 4: sending friendly wishes

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